Which mattress is best for your baby: Bassinet, Cradle or Crib

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Which mattress is best for your baby: Bassinet, Cradle or Crib?

Summary: When deciding upon which bed would be perfect for your baby, you need to look for your requirements and that of your babies. If you want your baby to be in the same room as you for at least 4-6 months, opt for a bassinet or cradle. Gradually, you can switch to a crib, which will last you for years to come.

When you are expecting a baby, a lot is going to change in your lives and home. If you have decided upon the corner of your house you are dedicating to a nursery, then it is the right time to think upon buying a bed.

While your little one needs a small bed, it has to be comfortable and safe to sleep in. You can choose from Bassinets, Cradles, or Cribs. If the multiple options confuse you, here’s a breakdown about which mattress and bed would be the best for your baby.


  1. Bassinets

When your baby is too little, you need a light bassinet for your baby which you can place right next to your bed. This way your baby will have a bed to sleep in and can stay close to you. Bassinet mattress is thin and firm and can be topped with an organic bassinet pad for added comfort.

Moreover, if you are looking for something easy to clean, you can invest in natural, waterproof fabrics for bassinet covers.

  • Bassinets are made up of wicker or cane, making them light and portable.
  • When you baby is less than 6 months old, you can place the bassinet next to your bed and share the same room.
  • They are snug and cosy, fitting every budget.

Although bassinets are great for little babies, you need to replace them as your child starts outgrowing them.

  1. Cradle

When you love to rock your baby to sleep and are looking for a bed that is sturdier than a bassinet, then cradle is great option for you. It is made up of wood, which gives it strength, yet it occupies less space and is quite portable.

While some cradles can be very light and portable, others need some work to move around. So, choose according to how much space you are willing to invest in the nursery for the first few months.

Plus, unlike bassinet mattresses, cradle mattresses don’t come with cradles, requiring you to look for one separately.

  1. Crib

For babies who are a few months old and don’t sleep in the same room as their parents, cribs make great beds. They are large and have high railings, giving your baby the room to move around and remain well within the crib at the same time.

  • Plus, cribs are sturdy, long-lasting, and modifiable, allowing you to turn them into little beds when you child is big enough to use one.
  • Due to the high railings, your pets cannot enter the crib and your baby cannot fall out of it.

However, cribs take good amount of space, are not portable, and cannot be moved around the house. Therefore, you cannot possibly install them in the same room as yours if you live in a small space. Besides, cribs are at a pricier end as compared to the other two alternatives.

Finally, though bassinets sound great for younger babies when you want them to move around with you, cribs are a more permanent solution. Even if you go for a bassinet or cradle in the beginning, you will end up investing in a crib as your baby grows, and trust us, that happens before you know it!

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