Disrupting Body Clock Can Be Detrimental To Health

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Disrupting body clock can be detrimental to health:

Disrupting Body Clock Can Be Detrimental To Health:- You must be wondering if this is even possible? My answer would be yes, this is not only possible, but it is happening all the time and everywhere. We have a unique system build inside of our body which ensures us about our fitness.

We commonly hear our mothers say that since we were sleeping late and waking up late, that is why we are not gaining any good health, but everything bad is happening to it from heavyweight to other illnesses.

Boy clock which is also known as the circadian rhythm is a 24-hour biological cycle that determines our every move of the body. From sleep to hormones; everything is controlled by this clock and here is the interesting news.

With the disrupting body clock, everything inside the body gets disturbed as well. Today we will see how this body clock gets disrupted and how it detriment our health.

Body clock and its disrupting:

Our human body is synchronized with the sunlight and timings of our meals. We know what time the sun comes up and goes down and what times we should have a proper meal as but we don’t work according to that.

The lifestyle that we have developed is not at all healthy, and we have continued living in this style for so long now that our body has given in.

The two major factors which affect the working our body clock as timings and eating habits.


Timing for everything in life is important. We are told from the very beginning that early to bed early to rise, makes a man healthy and wise.

This is not just an idiom. It has centuries of knowledge behind it. Whoever sleeps on time and wakes up on time, he or she never faces health issues.

When we disturb the timing of anything which can affect our body working like sleep or waking time or even a nap time in the day, the results are more than what we can see. Our insides start to work more to get the clock according to the outer clock, and in this rush, some damages can happen.

Eating habits:

As much as timing is important for the accuracy of the body clock, proper diet, and healthy eating habits are also important. We have heard from our mothers that don’t eat certain veggie in the night time and avoid that fruit.

Why is that? Because some fruits and vegetables have negative effects on our digestive system. They disturb our sleeping cycle, and in this regard, our body clock gets disturbed.

One day of our body clock is out of order, it takes us 100 days back. You can take the example of jet lag. It takes days for our body to adjust to a new surrounding with different day timing and eating routines.

It is because in our minds, we are still attached to the old routine and it takes our mind and body some time to get in the current routine.

You can take it as a tip for those who are constant late sleepers and late walkers. If we disrupt our body clock for too long, it can cause serious side effects which can lead to illness.

Always try to keep healthy and try to sleep on time. One will be shocked to see the positive results of such a routine.


It may sound weird that we have a body clock, but it is true, and we never want to disturb it as it can cause serious side effects. We should always try healthy routines and try to have as much sleep with the right timing as possible.

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