Children, Parents, And Health Professional Often Underestimate Children’s Higher weight status:

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Children, parents, and health professional often underestimate children’s higher weight status:

Children, Parents, And Health Professional Often Underestimate Children’s. Whenever we see a chubby child, we instantly fall in love with him. Whether it is the full cheeks or the chubby little legs, we cannot resist the charms of the cuteness they overthrow at us.

We practically wish for the child or the children to be heavy so they would look cute and amazing and innocent. But what we don’t release is that we wish wrong.

The hidden problem in overweight cannot be ignored. Being heavy means many health problems which can lead to certain such diseases.

It may sound strange that kids can have diseases as well. The worrisome factor is that parents, children, and even health professional don’t pay attention to this issue and now it has reached an alarming situation.


Parents take in this higher weight status issue is quite ignorant. They want their kids and children to be heavy, but in reality, they are only making them obese and don’t want to admit that their children are obese.

Small kids of ages 1-3 look cute as they haven’t started the activity of walk or play or run. But children aged between 7 -10, they are gaining weight due to many reasons, and their parents are okay with it.

This is not a healthy attitude. Moreover, parents often label their heaviness as being thick boned or just chubby because they don’t realize their children are heavy. They are simply bad at judging this.

A sad note to be mentioned here is that in the case of boys the realization is even more wrong. Parent need to get over their love for kids, and serious steps can be taken to avoid any unwanted situation.

Health profession:

Strange enough, even health professionals who are children doctors; even they don’t notice this weight crisis. If a parent can find any issue in the weight, then it is up to the doctors to provide the necessary insight to them and make them see the seriousness of the health condition. But unfortunately, health professionals are ignoring this thing, and now it is leading to a crisis among children.

The rate at which the weight is gaining among children is respectively so high as compared to a few years back that one will not believe.

Many health professionals are of this view that children don’t need any support regarding weight and they need to eat as much as possible for proper growth. This is wrong because too much too eat can never be good. And there is a diet pattern if one wants to remain healthy while looking good in weight.

Health professionals can play a vital role here and alert eth parents about seriousness. The higher weight is always dangerous even in kids, and this needs to have a regular check. No one is asking the children to go through dieting and heavy exercise. Just the way they are eating; that is to be watched.


Children cannot realize their weight as they are small and they have no knowledge about weight and their issues.

They don’t know what is wrong. Here both parents and health professional can play their respective roles and guide them in the right direction to a healthy lifestyle and eating habits.


Children are innocent. They only do as we guide them and walk the path; we show them. If they are gaining weight, it is our duty as parents, elders or professional doctors to guide them properly an make them see that is wrong but of course in the right way. They can easily get hurt. And we never want that.

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