Atkins Diet plan Guideline | Loss Weight by Eating Low Carbs

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Atkins Diet plan Guideline | Loss Weight by Eating Low Carbs

Atkins Diet plan consists of low Carb food which is basically used to loss weight. It’s a strategy in which you loss your weight by eating proteins and fat rich foods. Without counting calories you take low diet food for health improvements and weight loss. Atkins diet is basically originated by Dr. Robert in 1972.  Now a day this diet has become very popular in all over the world due to its excellent benefits. According to past studies it was considered that Atkins foods are unhealthy due to high amount of saturated fat. But, new studies have shown that saturated fats are not harmful. These foods provide better improvements in blood sugar, HDL cholesterol and many other health benefits. The most unique thing about low carb is that they forced you to take more proteins in your diet. This high amount of proteins decrease you appetite level and enforce you take low calories in natural ways.

Atkins diet Plan Consists of 4 major Phases

Atkins diet plan consist of 5 phases which are described below:

Induction: Take below than 10g of Carbs on a daily basis for one week. Take low carb vegetables in your food and a high amount of fat and proteins. This plan starts to loss your weight.

Weight Balancing: If you are vegetarian and want to loss your weights very fast then jump into phase two. Increase your carbs intake day by day according to your capacity. In this phase include barriers, nuts, seeds, a small amount of fruits and some other foods in your diet.

Preservations: It is a phase in which you are very close to your weight loss target. Take more carbs foods to slow down weight loss process because in this phase you required pre-maintenance and fine-tuning.

Maintenance: Here you have to need to take more healthy carbs which your body can tolerate. If you balance the carbs that you have planned in last week then you can stay for a long period of time in weight loss goal.

Since these phases are not easy to maintain for a long period of time that’s why you should follow the Atkins Diet Plan to lose weight. You can also use plenty of fruits and vegetables to avoid phase one. Because it’s a very beneficial way of weight loss. But phase one diet plan also preferable and fruitful.

A list of Foods that You Should not Intake

Never use the following foods in your Atkins Diet plan:

Low fat and Diet Foods: try to avoid these high sugar foods.

High Carbs vegetables and fruits: In high carbs, Vegetables list Carrot and turnips are on the top but may also some others. In high carbs fruit list Bananas, oranges, apples, pears, and grapes are on the top. These vegetables and fruits are used only in the Induction phase.

Sugary Drinks: Cold Drinks, Fruit juices, ice cream, candy, cakes and much more.

Avoid from Grains: Rice, Spelt, Wheat and Barley like grain not used.

Vegetable Oils: Avoid from Canola oil, corn oil, cottonseed oil, soybean oil, and some others.

Starchy and Legumes Foods: Starchy foods consist of sweet potatoes and some other potatoes. On the other side, legumes foods consist of chickpeas, beans, lentils, and some others. These two foods also recommended for the induction phase.

Atkins Diet Plan consists of the following foods

When you follow Atkins Diet Plan you must consider following diets on the top:

Eggs: Take three healthier eggs in your diet on a regular basis.

Seafood: Eat fatty fish like sardines, salmon, trout and some others.

Low carbohydrates Vegetables: Asparagus, Kale, broccoli, spinach, etc.

Dairy Product: use full-fat dairy products like Yogurt, cheese, butter, and cream.

Healthy Fats: Use avocado oil, coconut oil, and extra virgin olive oil.

Seeds: Take Almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds, walnuts, and macadamia seeds regularly.

The most important thing here is the use of proteins and fats. As long as you use healthy fats, vegetables, nuts, and some fatty protein source you will lose weight.

Drinks that you can take

Here some drinks are given that you can use in your Atkins diet plan:

Water: Make plenty of use of water as we know that it is beneficial for all kinds of health terms.

Coffee: Coffee also a well-known drink in weight loss tricks. It is antioxidants rich and provides maximum health benefits.

Green Tea: Green tea also plays a vital role in weight and considered as the most favorite drink.

In the choice of two drinks that is and beer, you can take alcohol in a small amount. Try to avoid sugary and high carb drinks like beer.

A complete Atkins Diet Plan for one Week

The menu plan that we have described is best suited for those who follow plan one that is the induction phase. We have provided you a complete diet plan that you follow in your daily diet routine:


  • Breakfast: Omelet with any vegetables.
  • Lunch: Take meatballs in your lunchtime.
  • Dinner: Beef chops with low carb vegetables.


  • Breakfast: vegetables and eggs fry in olive oil.
  • Lunch: Take a handful of nuts and salad with the amalgamation of olive oil.
  • Dinner: Vegetables with meatballs cooked in olive oil.


  • Breakfast: Eggs and Bacon fry in olive oil.
  • Lunch: Take pork chops.
  • Dinner: Ground-beef stir and veggies.


  • Breakfast: Bacon and eggs.
  • Lunch: Chicken and vegetables.
  • Dinner:  Steak and veggies.


  • Breakfast: Omelet with veggies, fried in butter.
  • Lunch: Shrimp salad with any low carbs oil.
  • Dinner: Take cheeseburger, with vegetables and butter.


  • Breakfast: Take Eggs and vegetables and fry them in olive oil.
  • Lunch: Take Chicken salad fry with olive oil.
  • Dinner: Salmon with butter and vegetables.


  • Breakfast: Bacon and eggs in coconut oil.
  • Lunch: use stir.
  • Dinner: Can take chicken wings with some salsa and vegetables

After following this diet you will see the huge difference in your body day by day.


Atkins diets plan guides you on how to use a limited amount of sugary carbs, starchy, and helps you to cut down from calories to lose weight. In this diet, the major focus is proteins, fats that are healthy for us. If you want to follow very seriously Atkins diet then take an Atkins book to know each and everything.






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