8 Errors in Weight Training That you should avoid

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8 Errors in Weight Training That you should avoid

Maybe you haven’t thought about it, but you’re making training mistakes in the gym? You will say … Impossible! Well, let me tell you that sometimes without realizing we can make some other mistake. Do you think if we review them?

Developing muscle mass is probably the highest goal of every person who starts in the gym. Inevitably, many training programs can help you achieve this, but your success depends primarily on yourself and how you prepare for success, not just the program itself.

So before blaming your exercise routine for the lack of results, be sure to correct the errors (conscious or unconscious) that prevent you from achieving the maximum development of muscle growth. Let’s see what the main training errors are? And attentive, because the good thing is that in this guide, you will not only see the error itself but also because it happens and some tips to solve them.

Not Eating Correctly

I will never tire of repeating that nutrition is the most important variable when we seek to develop a more muscular body. If you are willing to gain weight by increasing muscle mass, you may have to increase your calorie intake. If you want to build muscle, you should consume 10 to 15% more calories than you need to maintain your current weight.

For example, if you consume 2,500 calories a day to maintain your weight, you should aim to incorporate about 2750-2875 calories to gain weight. Now, if you do not know how many calories you consume daily, it’s time to make a food diary track what you eat & drink.

It is necessary to say that these foods must be as healthy as possible, that is, meat, fish, eggs, nuts, seeds, vegetables, and fruits. It is not the same as that extra calorie is from the sugar of a soda to be the eggs you use to make an omelet.

Not Taking Enough Protein

It’s amazing how many of the people who train in the gym a long time ago, still do not consume enough protein, even with so many muscle-building severe sites trumpeting for this. Protein is known as the fundamental building block of muscle tissue. You have to consume enough to allow the body to recover from intense training sessions.

Not Hydrating Enough

Following the nutritional thread, this is another of the mistakes that many commits, water is essential for body training. Our body is composed of water, approx. 70%. This means that the body has developed methods to make sure that you get enough of this substance to stay alive. One of these methods is thirst. When fluid levels start to drop, you start feeling thirsty.

The problem is that the mechanism of thirst does not trigger until the fluid levels are already too low. The moment you feel thirsty, you will be dehydrated. Drink 6-8 glasses of water every day; even more when it’s your turn to train in a hot environment.

Doing Workout the Wrong Way

A good technique when performing the exercise is essential to obtain optimal benefits. Your body does not know what the muscles should do during exercise. If you do not practice to have a good technique, it is possible that you will not generate the muscle gain that you have wanted so much. And worse, a bad technique can cause you to end up injured, throwing away a lot of effort overboard.

Even if you think you have a good movement technique, it is essential, and it does not hurt to have a coach or the advice of a qualified partner to check your technique and to guarantee that you obtain the results you so desire.

Not Performing Right Sets

You should always do the exercises best suited to your current needs and abilities. Doing a type of exercise or routine that is generally done by advanced athletes may not be a good idea.

You cannot have the mobility, stability or strength to execute certain movements flawlessly. If you recently started training, you should focus mainly on compound movements, that is, those that involve multiple muscle groups and joints to get more muscle mass. You can achieve this with exercises such as:

  • The pushups of arms
  • The Flat Bench Press
  • The Squats

 Not Taking Enough Rest

The body must have enough rest time between workouts to recover and adapt fully. Your muscles get bigger and stronger after each workout. But if you do not give the body the right time to recover, this process can stagnate and not generate the muscle mass gain you want.

Give yourself at least 48-hr of rest between each workout for a given muscle. Professional bodybuilders have several days of rest between sessions for the same muscle so that all muscles can recover quickly.

Another you need to keep in mind is that lack of sleep can contribute to increased secretion of cortisol and decreased the production of testosterone and growth hormone. The first consequence is a decrease in protein synthesis and muscle loss. So try to have your 7-9 hours of sleep every night. Remember! Sleep is essential for muscle growth.

Not Having A Training Routine

If you do not have, you must assemble one immediately. Progressive overload is an effective method to increase muscle mass. We already know that training intensity is probably the most critical variable to trigger the growth of muscle mass, so you should make sure that you also increase the load as often as possible.

Save the results after each workout and keep an annotated routine with your exercises, weights, and repetitions, allows you to see how you are doing and to track your progress better; and above all, you will avoid that you stagnate in the same weight during years.

Not Training Hard

Carrying along with the previous point! To stimulate muscle strength and size, we must increase the work of the muscles so that the exercise is harder and harder than what we are used to.

Specifically, if you want to generate an increase in muscle mass you must perform each exercise until it is impossible to do one more repetition (reach the point of muscle failure) maintaining the correct technique, with a weight heavy enough so that you are only able to perform between 5 and 15 repetitions slow and controlled (by slow I mean take at least 3-seconds to lift and 3-seconds to lower the weight, without bouncing, pulling or shaking the dumbbell or bar).

Exercise does not end when muscles begin to burn or when exercise begins to feel strong. Only then the real work is beginning. The greatest stimulus to develop strength and muscle size occurs during the last repetitions, where the muscle becomes congested and reaches the point of muscle failure that is nothing more than what I explained above. To get a better buildup of your muscles you can also buy hgh online from the reliable provider like Steroids Corner.

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